Freshwater Pearl Mussel  (Margaritifera margaritifera)

Pascal Sweeney is licenced annually to survey for freshwater pearl mussels throughout the state.

White-clawed Crayfish  (Austropotamobius pallipes)

Pascal Sweeney is licenced annually to survey for white-clawed crayfish throughout the state.

Otter  (Lutra lutra)

Surveys carried out by physical evidence of otter presence (spraints, tracks, holts and couching sites) and by licenced camera trap surveys.

Salmonid habitat quality (Salmo salar and Salmo trutta)

Assessments of salomonid habitat quality based on water quality, physical habitat and personal experience from over 50 years of angling and 10 years of electrofishing.

Natterjack Toad (Eoidalea calamita)

Sweeney Consultancy was commissioned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service to carry out the 2011-2012 monitoring of the natterjack toad populations in Kerry and  to produce the report for Irish Wildlife Manual 67.